The Gesneriad Registry

The Gesneriad Society, Inc. is the International Registration Authority for the names and cultivars of gesneriads except the genus Saintpaulia. For assistance or for more information on registering gesneriads, email Irina Nicholson.

The registration form should be downloaded, filled out and mailed to the registrar (address below), or the info typed into it, saved and emailed to her (at email above). There is no charge to register your hybrid!

Irina Nicholson
2512 South Balsam Way
Lakewood, CO 80227-3140 USA

Registering a Hybrid – rules for naming hybrids

Underlined IR numbers link to photographs or descriptions of the plants, when available. In most cases, the photos are the official registration pictures submitted by the hybridizers.

The Gesneriad Society periodically publishes and updates information that is essential to hybridizers and anyone interested in identifying characteristics of gesneriads they may be growing. The Register series are checklists that contain every published and known cultivar name up to the date of publication. Ordering information for the Gesneriad Registers may be found here.

International Registry (all)

This is a complete, searchable list which may be sorted by name, registration date or hybridizer. Many contain links to descriptions and images

Numerical Reference: 1957-1999 2000-2005 2006-Present

these links are sorted in chronological order by registration date