Committees and Staff

To contact someone by email, use the links below. If you are unable to contact someone by email, you may contact the Society’s ombudsman, Susan Grose.

Committee Chairpersons

  • Awards of Appreciation: Molly Schneider
  • Bylaws: Irwin Wagman
  • Chapters and Affiliates: Norah Otto
  • Conservation: Stephen Maciejewski and Dr. Jeremy Keene, Co-Chairs
  • Conventions: Jo Anne Martinez
  • Development: Paul Susi
  • Elvin McDonald Research Endowment Fund: Dr. Alain Chautems
  • Finance: Michael Riley
  • Frances Batcheller Endowment Fund: Tom Bruning
  • Gesneriad Hybridizers Association (GHA): Dale Martens; Membership: Martha Lacy
  • Gesneriad Registrar: Irina Nicholson
  • Historian: Suzie Larouche
  • Insurance: Dariane Joshlin
  • Internet Communications/Webmaster: Julie Mavity-Hudson
  • Membership Promotion: Paul Susi
  • Merchandise: Carol Ann Bonner; Order Fulfillment: Kathy Spissman
  • Nellie D. Sleeth Scholarship Endowment Fund: Dr. Eric Roalson
  • Nominating: Doris Brownlie
  • Ombudsman: Susan Grose
  • Photography: Julie Mavity-Hudson
  • Properties: Doris Brownlie
  • Publications: Jeanne Katzenstein; Order Fulfillment: Nancy Kast; Gleanings: Mel Grice
  • Review: Mel Grice
  • Seed Fund: Carolyn Ripps (Species); Gussie Farrice (Hybrids); Karyn Cichocki (Seed Coordinator)
  • Shows and Judging: Arleen Dewell; Awards: Paul Susi; Appraisal Subscriptions: Mary Lou Robbins; Appraisal Editor: Mel Grice
  • Speakers Bureau: Dale Martens
  • Standing Rules: Susan Grose
  • Students and Speakers Convention Fund: Jo Anne Martinez
  • Student Convention Grants: Jeanne Katzenstein and Stephen Maciejewski

Appointed Staff

  • Membership Secretary: Bob Clark
  • Parliamentarian: Irwin Wagman


  • Gesneriads Journal: Editor Peter Shalit; Business Manager Michael Riley; Advertising Manager Tom Bruning; Events Mary Schaeffer
  • Gleanings E-Zine: Editor Mel Grice
  • Appraisal Judges Interest Group Newsletter: Editor Mel Grice; Subscriptions Mary Lou Robbins
  • CrossWords Gesneriad Hydridizers Association Newsletter: Co-Editors Dale Martens and Linda Zillich; Subscriptions Martha Lacy